Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Project BackRub

Joint Secretary Amit Verma, and Council Secretary, Raghav Takkar brought the idea of BackRub in Srishti 2006. After that, a dedicated team of professionals from 1st year brought this to life.

BackRub is basically a name given to Hobbies Club Intranet which provides everything to computer users in IIT Roorkee

Executive Management Group
Raghav Takkar, Council Secretary, Hobbies Club
Amit Verma, Joint Secretary, Software Development Section

Board of Developers
Anish Mittal
Supraj Paleti
Nishank Gupta
Udit Dhawan
Sandeep Panda
Sanmeet Singh Jasuja
Shrey Banga
Devesh Bhimsaria